The Fraunhofer Center Benediktbeuern wants to engage in an active exchange with the present and its regional environment. Now that the renovation work has been completed, the building is available for events on the topics of heritage conservation, building physics and the energy-efficient renovation of old buildings, as well as for other research projects, and can be used accordingly in this regard. Guided tours and exhibitions are also offered to demonstrate directly on the building diverse solutions for renovating old buildings and preserving historical monuments. The current exhibition uses information boards, exhibits and building physics experiments to explain the renovation work carried out on the building and current research projects. The building physics laboratory ( measuring facilities) can also be visited. A traveling exhibition organized by the Cultural Heritage Research Alliance is also planned.

The Alte Schäfflerei offers rooms of various sizes for meetings, seminars, conferences and networking events in a historic building with a unique atmosphere. Renovated as a model, the building can be used as a demonstration object for events relating to the energy-efficient renovation of old buildings.

© Fraunhofer IBP
Exhibition space and lecture room for events (up to 90 people) and seminars (approx. 40 people)
© Fraunhofer IBP
Foyer on the upper floor for events and seminars (approx. 20 people)
© Fraunhofer IBP
Four separate rooms for up to 4-6 people that can be used as work labs.

Multi-purpose rooms for groups of different sizes:

  • Workshop on the ground floor for practical seminars
  • Room for up to 90 people for lectures, conferences and presentations of results
  • Room for up to 20-40 people for seminars and workshops
  • Four separate rooms for up to 4-6 people can be used as examination rooms and work labs


  • Exhibition space with flexible seating arrangement
  • Projector, screen, sound system and lectern
  • WLAN and LAN
  • Catering services and certified restaurant partners providing conference services and a range of beverages, fruit, sweet & savory snacks, cold or hot buffets, etc.
  • Kitchen for own catering
  • Accommodation in the monastery or in the surroundings
  • Barrier-free access