Building innovation and research

At the Fraunhofer Center in Benediktbeuern, research is conducted on current practical building issues relating to heritage conservation. Both traditional and innovative methods are studied to find out whether they are compatible, reversible and do not cause any form of damage. The present focus of research is on energy efficiency and sustainability.

Since 2010, the following research projects have been implemented in practice:

  • EnOB: Energy efficiency studies & optimization of interior insulation
  • EnOB: Innovative wall heating
  • Floor beam ends: Restoration & improved energy efficiency
  • Insulation of the top floor
  • Façade: Exterior plaster
  • Façade: Exterior insulation (North building west side)

Ongoing research projects:

  • Innovative solutions for retrofitting historical glass panes and windows to save energy - practical tests in the Alte Schäfflerei, Benediktbeuern Monastery

Currently in planning (partners welcome):

  • Loft conversion with energy-saving measures (North building), and digital technologies for renovating historical monuments

A selection of projects



Advanced training program for renovating old buildings and preserving historical monuments


Retrofitting historical glass panes and windows to save energy




Methods for renovating wooden beam heads


Energy efficiency studies and optimization of innovative wall-heating systems


Energy efficiency studies and optimization of interior insulation