The Center’s research focus

The Fraunhofer Center for Conservation and Energy Performance of Historic Buildings Benediktbeuern is designed as an ongoing research project. It combines constructional measures and research, which are directly applied to the building of the Alte Schäfflerei in the Benediktbeuern Monastery. Since 2010, in close coordination with the Lower Bavarian Monument Protection Authority, the Bavarian State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments and other funding bodies, various building solutions have been implemented step by step as part of the comprehensive renovation project. Together with various cooperation partners from trade and the construction industry, the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP is researching into and optimizing innovative materials, products and technologies for renovating old buildings in terms of energy efficiency and for preserving historical monuments. Their functional performance is studied, tested and evaluated first at Fraunhofer IBP’s field test site and then on the building of the Alte Schäfflerei. At the same time, suitable methods and solutions for listed buildings are demonstrated and explained in the building’s exhibition area. Measurements, studies and analyses are carried out by Fraunhofer IBP on all the technologies and materials used. Reversibly-applied materials can be replaced by optimized or new solutions if required.

Overview of topics

Temperature control / heating

  • Radiator heating
  • Surface heating
  • Temperierung wall heating
  • Control strategies
  • Energy generation


  • User comfort
  • Controlled ventilation

Thermal insulation / wall construction

  • Exterior & interior insulation
  • Roof extension / floor construction
  • Windows (connection details)
  • Heat storage capacity
  • Calculation methods (Glaser / WUFI® / DIN V 18599)
  • Innovations (vacuum insulation, Aerogel, etc.)  

Plasters and mortars

  • Preserving historical plasters
  • Various plaster systems
  • Restoration plasters
  • Thermal insulation plasters
  • Moisture-regulating plasters

Paints / coatings

  • Historical materials
  • Modern systems


  • Preserving historical windows
  • Improving thermal insulation

Structural protection

  • Protective roofing
  • Detailed solutions (window sills, drainpipes, rainwater conduits, etc.)

Sound insulation / room acoustics

  • Modular absorbers (separate or integrated)
  • Mobile sound insulation elements for use in historical buildings