Energy efficiency studies and optimization of innovative wall-heating systems

Content and objectives


Via the project agency Projektträger Forschungszentrum Jülich, the Federal Ministry of Economics is funding the joint project »Innovative Wall Heating Systems« with the aim of comparing different surface heating systems. The research and development project »Energy efficiency studies and optimization of innovative wall heating systems in the Fraunhofer Center for Conservation and Energy Performance of Historic Buildings« is being conducted at the Fraunhofer Center in Benediktbeuern.

The focus of the project is on comparing the energy and exergy performance of various heating systems for improving the energy efficiency of old buildings under the specific constraints of heritage conservation. For the first time, a range of heating systems, including innovative ones, are being studied in parallel under similar general conditions in order to compare their differences in terms of energy efficiency, risk of damage and comfort.

Comparative tests are being carried out on the following systems:

  • Conventional heating (radiators/convection heaters)
  • Radiation optimized radiators
  • Building component activation (“wall temperierung”)
  • Modular wall heating on loam panels
  • Innovative wall heating with decoupling mat

Studies will also be conducted on combinations of interior insulation measures with these systems. These studies and the simultaneous ongoing further work on hygrothermal calculation models will create further bases for dimensioning wall heating systems in a practical and technically sound manner.




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